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revive old oilfields

Enhanced Oil Recovery

The Department of Energy has determined that between 2 and 4 Billion barrels of stranded oil in South Texas could be recovered using CO2, a proven method in use for decades, however the availability of CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery in South Texas is limited by both cost and location. Natural sources of CO2 are not only expensive to develop, but also have high transportation costs because they are not located near the oilfields in South Texas. With industrial sources, the cost to capture the CO2 is expensive and these sites are also located too far from the oilfields.

The ONSITE alternative solves both problems, particularly for small and medium sized fields.

South Texas contains every ingredient for the successful deployment of the ONSITE solution including an abundance of oilfields ready for CO2 today, as well as the ideal conditions of the Texas Power Market, since power is a salable by-product of the process.

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