Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is the term used for the various techniques that can be employed to extract additional oil from an oilfield. In the case of ONSITE, the technique used is the injection of high purity carbon dioxide
(CO2) into an oil reservoir that has the right characteristics (pressure, oil gravity, temperature, etc.). The CO2 is absorbed (becomes miscible) into the stranded oil, swelling it and loosening its hold on the formation rocks, thereby allowing it to flow towards a production wellbore.

This process was first attempted beginning in the early 1970's and has been expanded significantly since that time. There are now over 100 successful projects and many of the initial projects are still underway with results that have far exceeded the early expectations. The process requires a high purity form of CO2, and a significant volume on a daily basis, for a long period time (15-30 years) and thus the sources suitable for Enhanced Oil Recovery have been very limited.